Essential Oils – Natrogix Bliss Top 9/10ml Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil Set

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  • ESSENTIAL OIL SET (THERAPEUTIC GRADE) – Natrogix Bliss holds nine (9) painstakingly extracted essential oils. Used alone or combined together in exquisite sensory recipes, these oils breath relaxation, joy and healing into any environment.
  • THE PERFECT COMBINATION – Natrogix Bliss contains the 9 most popular essential oils on the planet. These oils are popular for a reason; their properties are well-known and their wonderful effects backed by evidence. Bliss is the perfect gift, starter set, or expansion to a healthy collection.
  • DELICATE OILS PROTECTED – Cradled inside each beautiful box of Bliss are nine 10ml bottles with easy-use droppers. The gold amber tint of the strong bottles guard these precious, delicate oils from light and UV degradation.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED – We are truly proud of Natrogix Bliss, all oils are GC/MS certified, no pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or other additives are included. Experience in just 48 hours with Amazon prime.
  • FREE RECIPE E-BOOK – We’ve created 200 custom recipes for your Natrogix Bliss set, and you get the book free with today’s purchase. Discover soul lifting combinations that will intrigue you at first… and then become something you don’t want to live without!






Essential Oils

Essential Oil Set


How to use essential oils?

Buyers are eligible for the E-Book, “200 Essential Oil Blends for Peace, Health and Wellness”.

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Inhale deeply. Experience the sharp, cool vapor of tea tree oil mixed with Eucalyptus – clearing your sinuses and opening the areola in your lungs. This combination is intensely healing and cleansing, and is just one of the thousands possible with your Natrogix Bliss essential oils set.

  • Need to wake up and feel energized right now? Essential lemon oil provides the spark.
  • Need to relax and wind down after a long, troubling day? Let Lavendar massage your mind. (Better yet, keep it handy at your desk.)
  • Need to think your best? Try Moroccan Rosemary, the “Herb of Remembrance”.

Use any of the 200 recipes we provide you. Or experiment and find the best combinations to nourish your heart, body, mind and soul.

Natrogix Bliss essential oils are carefully sourced from organic growers and distillers.  Minute details are accounted for, even the packaging is a wonder to behold (making Bliss the perfect gift).

You will love your Natrogix Bliss.


Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus invigorates. Minty with a touch of honey, Eucalyptus oil relieves exhaustion and enhances creativity, relieves pain and heals. Try adding a few drops to a spray bottle and use in your shower and breathe in the healing steam. Feel calm and refreshed nowwith Eucalyptus.

Frankincense Oil:

Long considered a holy oil, the use of Frankincense dates to the time of the Sumerians and Egyptians. Frankincense has an unmistakable earthy and sweet aroma and is recommended by many aromatherapists. Diffuse it for an instant sense of peace and decorum.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender is considered the most useful of all essential oils. Its therapeutic effects have been well documented around the world. A favorite ingredient in famous perfumes, soaps, and body care products, Lavender is one of the most unique and beloved scents. Relieve your anxiety and stress and sleep easier with Lavender.

Lemongrass Oil:

Lemongrass is clean, crisp, and energizing. Perfect for massage oils and natural skin care. It provides a pleasant astringency within massage oils and natural skin care. When diffused, it brings sunny cleanliness and purifying comfort. Wake up the senses with Lemongrass, the perfect way to start the day.

Lemon Oil:

Marvelously bright and exceptionally fragrant, Lemon is a purifying oil with endless benefits. Feel enlivened and euphoric. Lemon oil can change your outlook and cleanse your surroundings. Turn your day around with the power of Lemon.

Moroccan Rosemary Oil:

Invigorating. Refreshing. Stimulating. Moroccan Rosemary is the perfect oil for long study sessions or long distance drives. Regarded as the “herb of remembrance” Moroccan Rosemary is supportive of cognition and memory. Peak Performance is yours.

Sweet Orange Oil:

Sweet Orange will take you back to pleasant memories of mellow brunches, holidays, family picnics and simple, quenching refreshment. Simply uplifting, you’ll feel a quiet confidence and joy that others can’t help but notice.

Tea Tree oil:

A powerful medicinal aroma only hints at the unique benefits of Tea Tree Oil. Famous around the world for its miraculous health benefits. Tea Tree Oil can work wonders on skin problems and many ailments. Often added to cosmetics and ointments, Tea Tree Oil can work with your body to unleash powerful natural healing.

Peppermint Oil:

Clear the fog with Peppermint Oil. Effortless Focus and Concentration is yours. Peppermint Oil naturally brings you back to center and eliminates fatigue and drifting thoughts. Awaken your senses and enhance your performance.

Purity is essential for potency and safety

We believe essential oils must be pure plant extracts to have a therapeutic effect. Adulterated oils or perfume oils will not offer therapeutic effects and may in fact cause allergies, headaches and chemical sensitivities.

All our essential oils are fully tested with GC/MS

Gas Chromatography (GC) measures the constituents contained within a particular essential oil sample by plotting each constituent found within the sample onto a graph. Mass Spectrometry (MS) identifies each of these components and their percentages. This process is used to identify any adulteration of the essential oil tested. The precise breakdown of the chemical components in individual oils given to us by GC/MS reports are important as the therapeutic benefits and safety issues of essential oils are determined by their chemical makeup.

Natrogix is serious about essential oil safety. At Natrogix every batch of oil purchased from a distiller or distributor is tested with GC/MS. The GC/MS test report for all the Natrogix oils are available for customer to check. You can see each essential oil’s GC/MS report by going to the ebook page and get the GC/MS report. You can be confident that the Natrogix essential oils you purchase will be pure, strong and bring you the best essential oil benefits.

Carefully Sourcing and Professional Bottling 

Natrogix Oils are carefully sourced all over the world. Our sourcing specialist visited each country of origin of all 18 oils. After comparing and comparing, we found out the best oil for our customer. We knew some oils maybe not smelling good, but we believe that they will be really helpful for health and wellness. And all oils are bottled in FDA certified facilities in the US.



These oils are amazing!!! by Kris H

Comment: “I love these oils!!! They are nice and potent, and I love the fact that you can mix them to create a whole new scent. They’re packaged well, and I appreciate the overall look of the bottles they come in and the box design.”

Amazing set! by Charles L. Vaughan

Comment: “We have used essential oils in our home for quite a few years but the person that we used to get them from quit selling oils.
I saw this set and since it had 9 different oils I decided to make the purchase. This set is awesome, it has 9 of the more popular essential oils. The bottles are each .33oz. The quantity of oils make this a great value.
The set comes in a nice box and includes a nice book that explains the uses of each oil and also includes recipes for mixing the oils to deal with certain issues that you may be dealing with.
This is a very nice set and I am extremely pleased to have made this purchase. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family.”

Essentail Oils are Just That – Essential by Ryan Waffles

Comment: “With so many uses, essential oils have come full circle from when I was a child and well remember my mother using them for a variety of treatments, fragrances, and even pest repellents. These nine fragrances are not just some of the most popular but necessary in creating some of the best recipes for air fresheners (shown in photo), laundry fresheners, flea and tick repellent and much more. They can be combines to create unique fragrances and this terrific set comes with a recipe book showing many uses. I well remember dropping a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil into my bath water when I had a terrible cold, for example. These days, diffusers are very popular but finding actual water soluble oils is next to impossible. With this set, beautifully packaged if using for a gift, I learned by adding a simple ratio of vodka or rubbing alcohol to the mixture will meld the oils and water to create a spray, diffuser oil, or even perfume or cologne. This is the ideal starter kit one can add & build from here.”

Wonderful set of oils for a good price by tia

Comment: “The packaging is beautiful and the oils are deliciously fresh and fragrant. So pleased with the purchase! I am a novice in aromatherapy. While the learning process of combining oils and get the best benefit from either diffusing or adding to my homemade skin care product will go on forever, I like to play intuitively with different combinations and unpredictable outcomes ;-). This set is perfect for me to have fun and not to worry about spending too much on various oils. As soon as I received the package I started exploring the possibilities. Combining just a few drops of Cedarwood and Basil in the coconut carrier oil created and amazing blend that smells fresh, earthy and exciting in a bottle; when applied to skin, transforms withing a few seconds into a super comforting, grounding and mysterious aroma that brings a sense of balance and confidence. Can’t wait to play and explore the rest of the oils. One more time about the package, the way it’s designed shows how much they care to put the love not only in the great quality of the product but also make it a very pleasant and beautiful to touch and look at. A great gift for anyone! Thank you, Natrogix!”

Definitely buying this again! by haley douglas

Comment: “I am used to using Doterra or Youngliving essential oils but they are so freaking expensive! I was hesitant to try anything else but I can genuinely say that Nateogix Bliss is amazing! All the oils are very concentrated and smell just like my other more expensive oils! Plus it’s apparent that lots of thought and attentive detail went into the packaging and care of their products. This kit even comes with this cute little booklet explaining each oil and gives recipes at the end! I wasn’t expecting that at all! I most definitely will be buying more!”

This is a great starter set for anyone looking into essentials by A Burke

Comment: “This is a great starter set for anyone looking into essentials (or a great refill set for this already using them). It includes the most popular scents, avid they’re truly a great quality oil at a reasonable price. I’ve seen smaller bottles at this price through other companies for just 1 bottle! Great for use in diffusers, or full strength (few drops of peppermint applied like perfume on neck really helps with my husband’s pain induced nausea. I’m giving as Christmas gifts will small diffusers this year”

Look for more bliss with natrogix bliss!

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